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What To Do if You’ve Been Deferred

Top FOUR Tips for Responding to a Deferral from Early College Admissions Read Time: 6 minutes Decision season is upon us! Just over a week ago, Harvard released its decisions for what was likely the most competitive early admissions cycle in Harvard history (according to the Harvard Crimson). You may have received an email that…

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5 FAST FAFSA FACTS to ensure you get money you deserve!

2018 is coming to a close. You’ve finished your application to college/ grad school (or you’re almost there!). Now what? Well, remember that getting in is only half the battle! Attending and paying for college/ grad school is the other half. In fact, the cost of college has increased by 13% in the past 5…

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Hiring a Coach in Pursuit of an Advanced Degree

“Consultants are adapting their services. At Write Track Admissions, a detailed questionnaire is administered upfront and is devised “to get as personal as possible,” said Hamada Zahawi, a co-founder of the company. “Why have they made certain life decisions? What happened 10 or 15 years ago that impacted their goals? Do they have children to…

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Fireside Episode 1: Capturing the Authentic Voice in Applications

FIRESIDE | EPISODE 1 DESCRIPTION: In the inaugural episode of Write Track Fireside, Hamada interviews Ibo Kamal, the Director of Admissions at Write Track Admissions (an international admissions consulting company), and the Creative Director of Loominary (a social-consciousness production company), about the need to capture the ‘authentic voice’ in one’s personal narrative. This is a…

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3 Tips to Stay Productive, Creative, and Mentally Rested During the Holidays

Brace yourself – the holidays are coming! It’s already November, and that means it’s almost time to enjoy being around family, feasting on pies, and getting cozy by the fireplace (or at least the couch!). However, it also means that admissions deadlines are approaching for many undergraduate and graduate programs across the country (not to…

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After Acceptance: Finding Alternative Financing for Education

You’ve just gotten accepted into your dream school, but now you need to start thinking about how you are planning on financing your education. College Debt It is everyone’s nightmare. You’ve maximized available admissions resources to get into the school and program of your dreams, but you’re not sure how you’ll pay for even one…

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