Write Track Admissions Testimonials


MBA Admissions Consulting

"I have some good news to share with you, I was just admitted from NYU part-time MBA program. Definitely credit goes to you. You helped in making it possible. I really thank you for your help in essays and letters. We will definitely recommend you in case any my friends need any help with admissions essay writing." Samir M. (NYU '14)
"The Write Track Admissions team provided a complete "soup-to-nuts" review of my business school admissions materials.  From start to finish, my consultant and I worked together to enhance my application materials, polish my essays and convey the essentials of my story to the admissions committee.  The WT team was responsive and professional, always available to address any concerns I had about my application or the rest of the process.  The effort paid off and I was admitted to my top choices for business school (HBS, Kellogg and Wharton).  Thanks so much, Write Track Admissions!!" Raju S. (HBS '12)
"I enjoyed working with Write Track Admissions and felt that the level of service was strong.  My work product greatly improved after our consultations and discussions and as a result I received a full scholarship to one of my target schools." Dan. R (MBA, Ross '12)
"Thanks a lot for all the help on the essays again. It was quite instrumental in getting me through the process. You did such a great job that my colleagues are now lining up to get your help based off the work you did for me! My friend John is now applying to b-schools and was looking to get some help on his essays as well. He saw some of the work you did with my essays/recommendations and was really impressed!! Thanks again for everything!!" Khalil T. (MBA, London Business School '13)
"Write Track Admissions offers a true personal focus that simply isn't available anywhere else. Additionally, I was offered a level of flexibility that was above and beyond anything I have witnessed before. I truly felt Write Track Admissions did everything possible to ensure my satisfaction and success. My Write Track Admissions Expert was a true "coach" and a perfect example of the service that they promised to offer. Thank you Write Track Admissions! You really helped my applications get on the Write Track!" Jay P. (MBA, UPenn '11)
"Write Track Admissions really helped me out of a volatile situation. Having spent most of my time on GMAT preparation, I did not realize the how fast my MBA application deadlines were coming up. Write Track Admissions really helped me out of a jam by assisting me in writing well thought out, eloquent essays. The turnaround time and the responsiveness were impressive and the final product far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Write Track Admissions and would return for more essays in a heartbeat. You will not regret working with this professional and talented writers!" Kristen L. (MBA, UCLA-Anderson '11)
“Engaging the services of Write Track Admissions has been a great decision! Their expertise in helping choose the right content and editing of application essays has immensely boosted my chances of making it to a top MBA program. As a client, I've found their services very professional and collaborative and I would highly recommend Write Track Admissions to anyone aspiring to pursue an MBA" Jeff F. (MBA, Univ. of Toronto-Rotman MBA '11)
"This is to let you know that I will going to the University of Edinburgh in September to pursue my MBA. This is to thank you for your great efforts and commitment during the past 18 months since we started our journey. You definitely were instrumental in my acceptance to many schools in the UK and finally choosing UOE one of the most prestigious schools in the UK." Omar L. (MBA, Univ. of Edinburgh '14)
"I would like to thank the Write Track Admissions team for the EXEMPLARY guidance with my MBA application process. Recently, I was accepted to three of the top 5 business schools. Simply said, Write Track Admissions has been instrumental in my success." Nancy W. (MBA, Northwestern-Kellogg '11)
"I wanted to let you know that I got into both MBA programs. Thank you very much for all your help! Your expertise was exactly what I needed to help me get over the finish line. I wish your business much success and will refer all my friends and colleagues to Write Track Admissions." Derek F. (EMBA, Babson '14)
"Write Track Admissions really improved my essays. I had the right ideas, but they were bland, and Write Track Admissions made my stories much more engaging, exciting, and full of passion. I also liked the fact that I could go back and forth and revise as many times as I liked. The editing was not finished until I was happy with the end result and made sure it captured everything I wanted. I'm very excited to be joining Stanford GSB in the fall." Janki S. (MBA, Stanford GSB '11)
"Write Track will help you package your application into a story that will impress Adcoms. I was initially hesitant to pay for help, but the small investment was well worth the generous fellowship that I received from my top choice. I was even admitted to my "reach" school. Invest in Write Track -- I'm glad I did." Shand S. (MBA, Kellogg '15)
"I was introduced to Write Track Admission by a friend who got admitted by a top MBA program with full scholarship. Write Track helped me turn my past life experience into shining stories by understanding my background as an international student from China. I can't thank them enough for helping me get admitted to my top choice program and I highly recommend their service to international applicants who have difficulty navigating the admission process." Jin Wu (MBA | USC '14)
"I had a wonderful experience working with Write Track Admissions. I want to thank you for your services and making my admissions process a memorable one. Your support and experience helped me get into my preferred program on the first attempt. I will continue to recommend your company to everyone and who knows I may come back later as I will one day need to prepare my own business plan. Your in good hands with Write Track Admission experts!" Marla C. (MBA, Univ. of Arizona | Eller '13)

Law School Admissions

"My admissions expert always tried to make himself available, no matter the time, working with my schedule to maximize the time we worked together. He was receptive to my personal needs and interests, and helped me mold that so my personal statement would stand out to the admissions committee. Finally, he was very encouraging throughout the application process- the experts at Write Track Admissions are fully aware of the stress that comes along with applying to law school, and they do everything they can to make that process as smooth as possible. And I probably wouldn't have applied to GW if my Admissions Expert hadn't pushed me to, so I really appreciate it!!" Laura D. (GW Law '13)
"The Write Track Admissions provided me with great advice during a time when I was very unsure about the admission process for law schools. I was waitlisted at the University of Michigan and I had no idea how to react. Write Track Admissions responded to my request for help with a very detailed plan including steps I should take to maximize my chances of admission. After following through with their suggestions, I knew I had done everything in my power to present myself in the best possible way. I would definitely recommend them." Kevin M. (U of Mich Law '12)
"Write Track Admissions Experts had intuitive ability of placing themselves in the shoes of both the admissions board and the applicant. This enables them to assist any applicant in crafting a personal statement that clearly communicates the very best aspects of who they are in an honest, inspiring, and compelling way. Even in those instances when I was frustrated or insecure, they provided constant positive feedback, which helped keep me on track and was the instrumental motivating force behind my success. Write Track Admissions Expert’s were thoughtful, decisive, passionate, and determined to get it right the first time. They sought to gain a very clear understanding of your individual background, achievements, academic and professional goals in order to produce a personal statement that exemplifies the highest standards of who you are. Ultimately, Write Track Admissions was instrumental in crafting my personal statement, which enabled me to gain admission into the most highly ranked postgraduate legal programs in Europe! Therefore, Write Track Admissions comes with my highest recommendations!" Matt W. (LLM Stockholm Univ., '11)
My Write Track Admissions Expert was extremely well informed of the international application processes in top tier law schools. We discussed the focus of my personal statement and he gave extremely valuable insight as a lawyer on how ad-coms would consider my application. He was very accessible and always made sure I was comfortable with his advice and edits, even providing emotional support which made the application process truly easy for me. With the help of my admissions expert, I achieved 100% success in my applications and even more than expected: I was admitted to the top three US LLM programs and received a FULL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP to my top choice school!! I will definitely encourage my friends and relatives to contact Write Track Admissions for an effective and easy way into US law schools post-graduate programs. Laura G. (LLM '12)
"I asked a lot of people for help on my personal statement. What made Write Track Admissions unique was that they were so excited about and into what they were doing that they made me excited about my statement every time I spoke with them! There were times when I was burnt out, having read over my statement hundreds of times, almost hating every word... then I would pick up the phone, call Write Track Admissions, and simply hearing the excitement in their voice would give me a major boost to continue working. It's not just their knowledge, but their energy that makes them unique. Write Track Admissions Experts love what they do, which is invaluable in a protracted process such as applying to law school. I applied super-late in the cycle to all my dream schools, and so far have been accepted to all!" Ali A. (NYU Law, '12)
"Last year I paid a highly recommended test prep company a lot of money to help me with my personal statement. The result did not amount to the price, and the personal statement consultant even drew a red line half-way through my essay with a comment "This is all that time would allowed for." I felt cheated, and I wasn't accepted into any first-tier California law schools. This time, I worked with Write Track Admissions . My Admissions Expert helped me write a compelling personal statement, and used his experience with the admissions process to create a comprehensive application package. With the exact same GPA and LSAT score, I was accepted to a top 20 law school." Christine N. (USC Law School, '12)
"When I was applying to law school, it was hard to figure out how to present my resume in a manner that best represented the work I did. By working with Write Track Admissions, my resume went from something an admissions officer would normally pass over, to a document that was most likely a major factor in my admission. Now, even in law school, the format and content of my resume has consistently given me an edge in getting prestigious job offers." Sandra H. (Berkeley Law, '11)
My experience with Write Track's services was nothing short of amazing. I was taken through the entire process of writing a personal statement; the admissions consultant gave me an outline of what I should include and skyped with me several times to check on my progress. He edited my statement perfectly and made sure I applied to Law school on time. The service is friendly and extremely efficient and worth every dollar. Because of Write Track's services I have gained admission into three of three law schools I applied to. I have already recommended this service to all of my friends! Francis T. | BPP Law School - London, UK ('15)
"Just wanted to let you know I was accepted at Southwestern. I want to thank you for all your help and I am going to HIGHLY recommend Write Track Admissions to ALL my friends." Guy S. (Southwestern Law '11)
"I used Write Track’s assistance in my LL.M applications. Their work was efficient and punctual. In fact, their contribution has helped me better reflect my strengths through a precise, professional and straight to the point style. The result: Georgetown Law, UPenn Law, Berkeley Law and Virginia Law accepted me!! They made it all possible." David D. | LLM - Georgetown Law School ('15)
"Write Track Admissions was a tremendously helpful investment. My expert was very thoughtful in his analysis of my background and allowed me to showcase myself in the most favorable way. He transformed a personal statement that lacked zest into a piece that was attention grabbing and eloquent. I would use their services again without hesitation and highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to stand out in the admissions process." Stephanie P. | Transfer Cardozo Law ('16)
"In order to get into a top law school you don’t only need a good essay. Everyone is capable of doing that. You need a hit-me-over-the head-this-is-amazing essay. Write Track will provide that edge. Their creativity, experience with the process, and tremendous passion gave me the motivation I needed to go from being good to being exceptional." Sara A. (Berkeley Law, '11)
"There are parts of the application that most students overlook. They do not realize that each component needs to be fantastic. Write Track Admissions will help students realize that every part counts. For example, I learned that the resume portion is critical. With the help of Write Track Admissions, you too will learn how important each component is and how to best put it together" Laila S. (UC Hastings Law, '12)
"Write Track Admissions helped me highlight my professional, academic, and personal accomplishments in such a way that top law schools took notice of me. With their help, I was accepted by my #1 law school. The revisions and tips I received from Write Track Admissions continue to be beneficial in law school: I used their resume review service in applying to summer law firm jobs, as well as scholarship programs." Sara R. (Berkeley Law, '10)
"When I began to write my essay, I had the worst writer's block of my life. Everything I wrote either sounded like a resume or like an auto-biography. Neither was captivating. I thought I had nothing else to offer, but thankfully, Write Track Admissions' encouraging and passionate demeanor and experience came across as they showed me the ways I could re-work my essay so that I conveyed everything I wanted to about myself in a coherent, convincing, and catchy way. When I was done, I knew it was golden-- and so did Harvard and Yale Law." Amir S. (Yale Law, '12)
"My ideal law school appeared to be a far reach and I had little hope that my personal statement would make up for the gap in my scores. However, I realized that I was a viable candidate for tier one law schools after consulting and working with Write Track Admissions. Their methodology helped me find my writing voice, which added the luster needed in distinguishing my accomplishments. Furthermore, I found them to be both most accommodating to my needs and timely in responding to my inquiries or requests. That said, without hesitation, I would recommend Write Track Admissions for your law school applications!!" Omid S. (UC Hastings '14)
"Write Track Admissions helped me to highlight my greatest assets to all the law schools I applied to. All the feedback they gave me helped me to craft a strong and dynamic personal statement. Without their help, I may not have been accepted into a law school that I had always wanted to attend. I couldn't have asked for anything more." Erika G. (McGeorge Law School, '11)

Medical School Admissions

“I needed help with my primary and secondary essays for Medical Schools. I had only 3 days to write my personal statement. I was surprised by how well Write Track Admissions understood my story. Within 3 days, my personalized Write Track Admissions Expert enhanced the quality of my statement, and enriched it with an original voice and brilliantly conveyed story. I appreciated the commitment and how flexible Write Track Admissions was for me, and how prompt and accessible my Admissions Expert was. I was so pleased, I returned to Write Track Admissions for help on my thirty plus secondary applications.” Jen S. (UCLA Medical, '13)
Write Track Admissions was extremely helpful with the entire medical school application process. Everyone knows that this process is time consuming and stressful! Also, there is little guarantee that you will get into a medical school, even with a decent GPA and MCAT scores. However, WTA made me feel confident and helped me highlight my strengths and experiences in order to present myself as the ideal medical school applicant. WTA gave me the best resources to write and edit my personal statement and secondary application essays in a comprehensive and timely manner. WTA also prepared me for my interviews with their MD Admissions Director who conducted mock interviews and giving me tips on how to answer various personal questions. WTA gave me great ideas in tackling the new “Multiple Mini Interview” questions, as well, which provide invaluable in my actual interviews. Because of WTA’s professional, yet personal approach to this process, I will be going to medical school in Fall 2013! Yasmin A. (Medical School - Mich. State Univ. '17)
"Write Track was great in supporting me not only through the primary statement brainstorming and editing, but the process as a whole including choosing medical schools, my AMCAS application, secondaries and interview preparation. Working with the editors felt very personal and I felt cared for. Write Track's MD Admissions Specialist also helped me prepare for any type of interview question I could encounter. She coached me on practicing my answers, and also calmed my nerves. I felt confident and ready to tackle whatever situation I was placed in. Thanks Write Track Admissions!!" Joseph H. (Jefferson Medical School, '15)
"I will definitely use Write Track Admissions for my future medical school applications and would recommend it to all my friends. Write track made the process of applying to the Public Health Program at USC virtually stress free. The one-on-one attention they gave me really allowed me to develop a solid essay and one that I felt confident about submitting." Kelly S. (MPH | USC '13)

Undergraduate Admissions

"Write Track Admissions Experts are true inspirations. They have a unique and powerful ability to make any individual reach further and try harder. In my pre-law fraternity at UC Berkeley, we regularly have speakers at meetings - but in three years I have never seen an individual command a room and leave an impression the way the Write Track Admissions Expert did. I am confident that any student or client will thrive under Write Track Admissions' vision and leadership!" Rita G. (Former President of UC Berkeley Pre-Law Fraternity)
(OUTREACH/MENTORSHIP) - "Prior to working with Write Track Admissions, I had little incentive to feel passionate about any of my courses. The very complicated theoretical concepts discussed in the class room setting made it difficult for me to really see how those theories were present in our society today. My Write Track Admissions Expert not only made a difficult class extremely easy to follow, but he increased my conciseness of a sad reality—we live in a society where many people of color are greatly underrepresented in the professional world, despite the large populations. Since then, My Write Track Admissions Mentor has been a direct influence in my life by helping me take the steps necessary in order to have a strong application for law school. Additionally, my Write Track Admissions Mentor spoke at the UC Berkeley, Latino Pre-Law Society, an organization which I chair, and they have continued to express the most genuine concern for me as well as for all the members. Personally, the world needs more individuals and organizations like Write Track Admissions, for it is with their charisma and determination that they have encouraged me, as well as the members of my organization, to not give up and to continue our educational aspirations, despite the view society may have of people of color. They are truly a real inspiration." Verenice A. (B.A., UC Berkeley, '11)
"Write Track Admissions was absolutely marvelous! Write Track Admissions' great attention to detail and the investment of their time, helped give me greater confidence during the admissions process. Write Track Admissions is extremely knowledgeable about the college application process, and after receiving their help, I sent my application for college transfer off to several UC's knowing that I had an exceptional application. I owe this greatly to the hard work of Write Track Admissions." Meliza M. (UC Berkeley Transfer, '11)
"I approached Write Track Admissions not knowing what to expect, but Write Track Admissions did exactly what it stands for, which is to put me on the right track to help me achieve my goal of getting admitted to every university that I had applied to. The customer service that Write Track Admissions provided me with was exceptional and I was frequently being update with the status of my application through their services. Anyone who uses Write Track Admissions for any service they provide should be comfortable in putting trust in the hands of professionals and in turn their services will give you in the most competitive edge among your peers. Their personalized attention not only helped me get admitted to UCLA, Northwestern, and Georgetown, but allowed me earn a significant scholarship!." Arin G. (Georgetown Transfer, '11)
"Honestly I went to different places to get help with my college applications and I did not get help or someone who cared as much as my Admissions Expert. He helped me with a very hard situation. He personally took a interest in my application and did everything he could. Thanks to him I got accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCI. Thank you so much!!" Shereen A. (UCLA, '16) [Winner of WTA Empowerment Scholarship]
"I would like to sincerely thank you for the work and effort you put into this process, you really gave me structure and focused assistance, especially as an international student, on how to approach the whole ordeal. Thanks to you, I'm going to be attending George Washington Univ. this Fall!" Tarek S. (GWU, '16)
"I heard back from UCI, UCSB, UCSD, AND UCLA!!! I got into all of them...thanks to your help!! THANKS SOOO MUCH! I will recommend Write Track Admissions Forever!" Rachel D. (UCLA Transfer, '11)
"Write Track Admissions really helped me improve my essay. It was great to have a resource to turn to when there's so little help available elsewhere. I was having a lot of trouble with making it shorter and more concise, and they helped me choose what to leave in and what to cut out. Write Track Admissions gave me good, informed advice on what to change in my essay, and I believe it greatly improved my application. They were also very encouraging, and in the end I was able to turn in a solid essay I was proud of because of Write Track Admissions." Mariam S. (UCSC, '11)

Graduate School Admissions

"In the past weeks, I have been extremely impressed with their knowledge, approach and patience. They made themselves available on late evenings, holidays and weekends. Their expertise in the overall process enabled me to present "my story", accomplishments and weaknesses in the very best possible light." George J. (M.A., JFK-Harvard '11)
"After using Write Track Admissions I received acceptances to the highest ranking programs (including two Ivy leagues), in addition to great financial aid offers. Write Track not only helped me write an amazing statement of purpose but also provided general consulting advice in order to strengthen my application in other areas where it was needed. The outcome of my admissions offers would have been far less successful without WTA's services, as their thorough consultation helped me present myself in a far more competitive light than I would have otherwise. I highly recommend WTA to anyone applying to graduate school, as I have done with all of my friends who will be doing so." Mary G. (Masters Urban Planning - Columbia '15)
"As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, applying to LSE for a master's program is often a shot in the dark. Write Track Admissions not only helped me on my personal statement, but gave me the tools and advice I needed to make my complete application impressive. With their guidance, I was able to confidently submit my application and gain acceptance to LSE within a month after applying." Henry B. (Admitted, LSE)
"Write Track Admissions' insight into the college admissions process is unparalleled due to their extensive academic career and charismatic approach to the application game. It was mainly through their advice that I was able to focus and be more successful in applying to M.A. Programs at top schools, even though I made the decision to apply only a few weeks before the deadlines. I have now have great options for graduate school." Sabrina T. (M.A., Columbia, '11)
"My ordinary personal statement and resume were turned into extraordinary with the help of Write Track Admissions. Regardless of my GRE scores, I still managed to apply and get admitted to the graduate programs I only dreamt of. Their assistance and mental support put me in a league of my own." Eman J. (MIA, Columbia-SIPA, '12)
"After previously applying to grad school with no success I was on the verge of giving up. But after working with the experts at Write Track, I was accepted into not one but TWO top grad programs! I received invaluable guidance outlining my academic and career objectives, mitigating my weaknesses, and effectively communicating an outstanding graduate application. Worth every cent! Heather Y. (Masters - SOAS, '15)
"Write Track Admissions provided me with excellent guidance and advice in the process of writing my personal statement.  Whenever I had a question they were quick to address it, and their advice was practical and accurate.  Their knowledge on the graduate school application process is an invaluable resource.  I would recommend their services to anyone." Chris D. (M.Phil Development Studies, Oxford '12)
"A great personal statement should tell a story, tie the past with the future and convince the admissions department that you’re different from everyone else in the pile. But having only written a statement for college, I found myself struggling to necessarily self-promote myself in a convincing but humble manner. WriteTrack Admissions not only read through my personal statement, providing thorough feedback and helping me to strike an appropriate balance, but also analyzed my resume for other experiences and attributes that could enrich my statement. This very holistic approach helped me to put forth a statement that I was proud of and that helped land me a spot at my top choice school." Tracy D. (Yale MPH, '13)
"By the time I made up my mind to go back to school, applications were already closing, and I had literally only a couple of weeks to get mine together. Also, writing was a big part of my work, so I found myself turning over and over in my head the value that Write Track would bring. In the end though, I'm glad I trusted my gut -- Write Track gave me the structure, perspective and polish that my essay needed, and their professionalism is something to crow about." Regina H. (MA Journalism, NYU '13)
"Write Track Admissions is no nonsense. They gave me concrete & honest feedback that helped me to produce a shining essay. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable about the application process, but they also inspire you to produce your best work with their enthusiasm and dynamic energy. Write Track Admissions is keen at targeting your weak spots and transform them into strengths, helping you to produce an application that stands out among the rest." Jacqueline M. (MSc, LSE '09)
"Write Track Admissions was quite effective in extracting my ideas and formulating them in a manner which truly indicated what I wanted to convey to my readers. They were diligent, inquisitive, friendly, and made sure that my personal statement was completed correctly, with the utmost degree of quality -- they are true perfectionists that you want on your side during application season. Their track record for assisting students in gaining admission to their desired institutions is unparalleled!" Sami B. (M.S. Biomedical Engineering, USC, '10)
"I cannot express enough gratitude for Write Track Admissions’ help and effort in helping me further my candidacy for the Masters Program in the London School of Economics and later UC Berkeley Law. Their guidance was absolutely critical in helping me formulate a cohesive story, providing extremely helpful feedback on my essays and brainstorming with me on my successes and strengths. They gave me an insight into the point of view of graduate school admissions committees and helped ensure that all my strengths were well-presented, improving my overall application considerably. Write Track Admissions Experts were truly an absolute pleasure to work with -- they are great in boosting your confidence, and truly illustrates how important it is to work hard for one’s life goals." Elnaz M. (LSE, Admitted | UC Berkeley Law '13)
"I think my application became very strong thanks to my admissions expert as he pointed out specific things that the admissions will be looking for in a candidate. He was able to provide the big picture of what my application will consist of and pointed out both the advantages and disadvantages of my application. I think my admissions expert was a highly erudite person and wish to express my gratitude for all the help I was able to get." Alima H.

Dental & Pharmacy Admissions

The response time of Write Track Admissions was amazing, i just submitted a request and had an email and voicemail regarding my inquiry, which i loved. We discussed my admission essay and I received some invaluable insight on how to structure my essay. Next, my Admissions Expert sent me back a revision which was truly amazing. I would have never been able to submit an amazing Pharmacy School Statement without their help! (Ebaa S. | Pharmacy School '13)
"During both the primary and application phase, Write Track Admissions elevated my confidence and helped me put together the best essays possible. I am certain they played a primary role in my admission to dental school, and my top choice program." Steve C. (DDS, NYU Dental School '13)
"This is exactly what I was looking for!! I could not ask for anything better. You have done an excellent job, far above and beyond what I expected. Thank you for working so hard and undertaking this with such dedication. I feel much more confident about my application. I will give you and Write Track Admissions the highest recommendation. Thank you again for your wonderful work." Alisa R. (PharmD '16)

Scholarships & Grants

"Write Track Admissions was an invaluable resource in aiding my application to the UCLA Law Fellows Program. Write Track Admissions completed an honest and intuitive recommendation that reflected both their understanding of my professional and personal goals, as well as those of the program. The counsel that they offered extended beyond simply the recommendation. They offered extremely helpful and applicable advice from both their personal and professional life. They even went as far as to introduce me to a former fellow in order to offer as complete perspective as possible." Christopher E.

International Students

"Write Track Admissions Experts are exceptionally knowledgeable about the international graduate school application process. My Admissions Expert helped me identify my points of strength as an international candidate, which allowed me to write an effective personal statement for graduate schools in the US and the UK. He also helped draft a winning letter of recommendation that I proudly presented along with my graduate school application. I would like to thank them for their remarkable work and encourage people from all over the world to check out their outstanding services!" Menan O. (B.A., American Univ., Cairo '09 | UC Berkeley '08).
"My son was accepted in 7 of the 8 universities he applied to in the UK. He is now definitely going to University College London, which seems to be one of the top and he is very pleased about this. I was and am very impressed by Write Track Admissions. Thank you again for all your assistance and lots of luck. I will certainly contact you again in case I need to for my younger son." Larry H. (UCL '13)

Professional Services

"WTA provided great insight and constructive feedback on my resume's diction and layout and essentially made me much more marketable. They worked very closely with me in understanding what my goals were so that they could better comprehend me as their client, and in turn, use strategic language that would attract employers. In the end, I got a crisp professional resume that I was proud to share!" Sarah H.
"Write Track Admissions helped me get noticed by all the major law firms during the recruiting season. They showed me how to highlight my professional, academic, and personal accomplishments in a way that set me apart from other candidates and ultimately got me a position at my #1 firm. The insight they offered has had lasting beneficial effects. I will definitely use their services for any future internships, fellowships, or job positions I apply to." Eric S.
"The strong support network I built during my first year of law school was a blessing. Write Track Admissions proofread my resume, cover letters, and writing sample. I will never forget when a Write Track Admissions Expert spent 2+ hours helping me build and strengthen my interview skills. We went through many mock interviews which proved helpful by the time the On Campus Interview Process (OCIP) began. I made sure to call Write Track Admissions before my interviews to ask them for advice and more importantly, I vented to them after my interviews. Write Track Admissions definitely helped make my law school experience a pleasant one." Tammy A.