Professional Services

"WTA provided great insight and constructive feedback on my resume's diction and layout and essentially made me much more marketable. They worked very closely with me in understanding what my goals were so that they could better comprehend me as their client, and in turn, use strategic language that would attract employers. In the end, I got a crisp professional resume that I was proud to share!" Sarah H.
"Write Track Admissions helped me get noticed by all the major law firms during the recruiting season. They showed me how to highlight my professional, academic, and personal accomplishments in a way that set me apart from other candidates and ultimately got me a position at my #1 firm. The insight they offered has had lasting beneficial effects. I will definitely use their services for any future internships, fellowships, or job positions I apply to." Eric S.
"The strong support network I built during my first year of law school was a blessing. Write Track Admissions proofread my resume, cover letters, and writing sample. I will never forget when a Write Track Admissions Expert spent 2+ hours helping me build and strengthen my interview skills. We went through many mock interviews which proved helpful by the time the On Campus Interview Process (OCIP) began. I made sure to call Write Track Admissions before my interviews to ask them for advice and more importantly, I vented to them after my interviews. Write Track Admissions definitely helped make my law school experience a pleasant one." Tammy A.