Medical School Admissions

“I needed help with my primary and secondary essays for Medical Schools. I had only 3 days to write my personal statement. I was surprised by how well Write Track Admissions understood my story. Within 3 days, my personalized Write Track Admissions Expert enhanced the quality of my statement, and enriched it with an original voice and brilliantly conveyed story. I appreciated the commitment and how flexible Write Track Admissions was for me, and how prompt and accessible my Admissions Expert was. I was so pleased, I returned to Write Track Admissions for help on my thirty plus secondary applications.” Jen S. (UCLA Medical, '13)
Write Track Admissions was extremely helpful with the entire medical school application process. Everyone knows that this process is time consuming and stressful! Also, there is little guarantee that you will get into a medical school, even with a decent GPA and MCAT scores. However, WTA made me feel confident and helped me highlight my strengths and experiences in order to present myself as the ideal medical school applicant. WTA gave me the best resources to write and edit my personal statement and secondary application essays in a comprehensive and timely manner. WTA also prepared me for my interviews with their MD Admissions Director who conducted mock interviews and giving me tips on how to answer various personal questions. WTA gave me great ideas in tackling the new “Multiple Mini Interview” questions, as well, which provide invaluable in my actual interviews. Because of WTA’s professional, yet personal approach to this process, I will be going to medical school in Fall 2013! Yasmin A. (Medical School - Mich. State Univ. '17)
"Write Track was great in supporting me not only through the primary statement brainstorming and editing, but the process as a whole including choosing medical schools, my AMCAS application, secondaries and interview preparation. Working with the editors felt very personal and I felt cared for. Write Track's MD Admissions Specialist also helped me prepare for any type of interview question I could encounter. She coached me on practicing my answers, and also calmed my nerves. I felt confident and ready to tackle whatever situation I was placed in. Thanks Write Track Admissions!!" Joseph H. (Jefferson Medical School, '15)
"I will definitely use Write Track Admissions for my future medical school applications and would recommend it to all my friends. Write track made the process of applying to the Public Health Program at USC virtually stress free. The one-on-one attention they gave me really allowed me to develop a solid essay and one that I felt confident about submitting." Kelly S. (MPH | USC '13)