Law School Admissions

"My admissions expert always tried to make himself available, no matter the time, working with my schedule to maximize the time we worked together. He was receptive to my personal needs and interests, and helped me mold that so my personal statement would stand out to the admissions committee. Finally, he was very encouraging throughout the application process- the experts at Write Track Admissions are fully aware of the stress that comes along with applying to law school, and they do everything they can to make that process as smooth as possible. And I probably wouldn't have applied to GW if my Admissions Expert hadn't pushed me to, so I really appreciate it!!" Laura D. (GW Law '13)
"The Write Track Admissions provided me with great advice during a time when I was very unsure about the admission process for law schools. I was waitlisted at the University of Michigan and I had no idea how to react. Write Track Admissions responded to my request for help with a very detailed plan including steps I should take to maximize my chances of admission. After following through with their suggestions, I knew I had done everything in my power to present myself in the best possible way. I would definitely recommend them." Kevin M. (U of Mich Law '12)
"Write Track Admissions Experts had intuitive ability of placing themselves in the shoes of both the admissions board and the applicant. This enables them to assist any applicant in crafting a personal statement that clearly communicates the very best aspects of who they are in an honest, inspiring, and compelling way. Even in those instances when I was frustrated or insecure, they provided constant positive feedback, which helped keep me on track and was the instrumental motivating force behind my success. Write Track Admissions Expert’s were thoughtful, decisive, passionate, and determined to get it right the first time. They sought to gain a very clear understanding of your individual background, achievements, academic and professional goals in order to produce a personal statement that exemplifies the highest standards of who you are. Ultimately, Write Track Admissions was instrumental in crafting my personal statement, which enabled me to gain admission into the most highly ranked postgraduate legal programs in Europe! Therefore, Write Track Admissions comes with my highest recommendations!" Matt W. (LLM Stockholm Univ., '11)
My Write Track Admissions Expert was extremely well informed of the international application processes in top tier law schools. We discussed the focus of my personal statement and he gave extremely valuable insight as a lawyer on how ad-coms would consider my application. He was very accessible and always made sure I was comfortable with his advice and edits, even providing emotional support which made the application process truly easy for me. With the help of my admissions expert, I achieved 100% success in my applications and even more than expected: I was admitted to the top three US LLM programs and received a FULL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP to my top choice school!! I will definitely encourage my friends and relatives to contact Write Track Admissions for an effective and easy way into US law schools post-graduate programs. Laura G. (LLM '12)
"I asked a lot of people for help on my personal statement. What made Write Track Admissions unique was that they were so excited about and into what they were doing that they made me excited about my statement every time I spoke with them! There were times when I was burnt out, having read over my statement hundreds of times, almost hating every word... then I would pick up the phone, call Write Track Admissions, and simply hearing the excitement in their voice would give me a major boost to continue working. It's not just their knowledge, but their energy that makes them unique. Write Track Admissions Experts love what they do, which is invaluable in a protracted process such as applying to law school. I applied super-late in the cycle to all my dream schools, and so far have been accepted to all!" Ali A. (NYU Law, '12)
"Last year I paid a highly recommended test prep company a lot of money to help me with my personal statement. The result did not amount to the price, and the personal statement consultant even drew a red line half-way through my essay with a comment "This is all that time would allowed for." I felt cheated, and I wasn't accepted into any first-tier California law schools. This time, I worked with Write Track Admissions . My Admissions Expert helped me write a compelling personal statement, and used his experience with the admissions process to create a comprehensive application package. With the exact same GPA and LSAT score, I was accepted to a top 20 law school." Christine N. (USC Law School, '12)
"When I was applying to law school, it was hard to figure out how to present my resume in a manner that best represented the work I did. By working with Write Track Admissions, my resume went from something an admissions officer would normally pass over, to a document that was most likely a major factor in my admission. Now, even in law school, the format and content of my resume has consistently given me an edge in getting prestigious job offers." Sandra H. (Berkeley Law, '11)
My experience with Write Track's services was nothing short of amazing. I was taken through the entire process of writing a personal statement; the admissions consultant gave me an outline of what I should include and skyped with me several times to check on my progress. He edited my statement perfectly and made sure I applied to Law school on time. The service is friendly and extremely efficient and worth every dollar. Because of Write Track's services I have gained admission into three of three law schools I applied to. I have already recommended this service to all of my friends! Francis T. | BPP Law School - London, UK ('15)
"Just wanted to let you know I was accepted at Southwestern. I want to thank you for all your help and I am going to HIGHLY recommend Write Track Admissions to ALL my friends." Guy S. (Southwestern Law '11)
"I used Write Track’s assistance in my LL.M applications. Their work was efficient and punctual. In fact, their contribution has helped me better reflect my strengths through a precise, professional and straight to the point style. The result: Georgetown Law, UPenn Law, Berkeley Law and Virginia Law accepted me!! They made it all possible." David D. | LLM - Georgetown Law School ('15)
"Write Track Admissions was a tremendously helpful investment. My expert was very thoughtful in his analysis of my background and allowed me to showcase myself in the most favorable way. He transformed a personal statement that lacked zest into a piece that was attention grabbing and eloquent. I would use their services again without hesitation and highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to stand out in the admissions process." Stephanie P. | Transfer Cardozo Law ('16)
"In order to get into a top law school you don’t only need a good essay. Everyone is capable of doing that. You need a hit-me-over-the head-this-is-amazing essay. Write Track will provide that edge. Their creativity, experience with the process, and tremendous passion gave me the motivation I needed to go from being good to being exceptional." Sara A. (Berkeley Law, '11)
"There are parts of the application that most students overlook. They do not realize that each component needs to be fantastic. Write Track Admissions will help students realize that every part counts. For example, I learned that the resume portion is critical. With the help of Write Track Admissions, you too will learn how important each component is and how to best put it together" Laila S. (UC Hastings Law, '12)
"Write Track Admissions helped me highlight my professional, academic, and personal accomplishments in such a way that top law schools took notice of me. With their help, I was accepted by my #1 law school. The revisions and tips I received from Write Track Admissions continue to be beneficial in law school: I used their resume review service in applying to summer law firm jobs, as well as scholarship programs." Sara R. (Berkeley Law, '10)
"When I began to write my essay, I had the worst writer's block of my life. Everything I wrote either sounded like a resume or like an auto-biography. Neither was captivating. I thought I had nothing else to offer, but thankfully, Write Track Admissions' encouraging and passionate demeanor and experience came across as they showed me the ways I could re-work my essay so that I conveyed everything I wanted to about myself in a coherent, convincing, and catchy way. When I was done, I knew it was golden-- and so did Harvard and Yale Law." Amir S. (Yale Law, '12)
"My ideal law school appeared to be a far reach and I had little hope that my personal statement would make up for the gap in my scores. However, I realized that I was a viable candidate for tier one law schools after consulting and working with Write Track Admissions. Their methodology helped me find my writing voice, which added the luster needed in distinguishing my accomplishments. Furthermore, I found them to be both most accommodating to my needs and timely in responding to my inquiries or requests. That said, without hesitation, I would recommend Write Track Admissions for your law school applications!!" Omid S. (UC Hastings '14)
"Write Track Admissions helped me to highlight my greatest assets to all the law schools I applied to. All the feedback they gave me helped me to craft a strong and dynamic personal statement. Without their help, I may not have been accepted into a law school that I had always wanted to attend. I couldn't have asked for anything more." Erika G. (McGeorge Law School, '11)