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"Write Track Admissions Experts are true inspirations. They have a unique and powerful ability to make any individual reach further and try harder. In my pre-law fraternity at UC Berkeley, we regularly have speakers at meetings - but in three years I have never seen an individual command a room and leave an impression the way the Write Track Admissions Expert did. I am confident that any student or client will thrive under Write Track Admissions' vision and leadership!" Rita G. (Former President of UC Berkeley Pre-Law Fraternity)
(OUTREACH/MENTORSHIP) - "Prior to working with Write Track Admissions, I had little incentive to feel passionate about any of my courses. The very complicated theoretical concepts discussed in the class room setting made it difficult for me to really see how those theories were present in our society today. My Write Track Admissions Expert not only made a difficult class extremely easy to follow, but he increased my conciseness of a sad reality—we live in a society where many people of color are greatly underrepresented in the professional world, despite the large populations. Since then, My Write Track Admissions Mentor has been a direct influence in my life by helping me take the steps necessary in order to have a strong application for law school. Additionally, my Write Track Admissions Mentor spoke at the UC Berkeley, Latino Pre-Law Society, an organization which I chair, and they have continued to express the most genuine concern for me as well as for all the members. Personally, the world needs more individuals and organizations like Write Track Admissions, for it is with their charisma and determination that they have encouraged me, as well as the members of my organization, to not give up and to continue our educational aspirations, despite the view society may have of people of color. They are truly a real inspiration." Verenice A. (B.A., UC Berkeley, '11)
"Write Track Admissions was absolutely marvelous! Write Track Admissions' great attention to detail and the investment of their time, helped give me greater confidence during the admissions process. Write Track Admissions is extremely knowledgeable about the college application process, and after receiving their help, I sent my application for college transfer off to several UC's knowing that I had an exceptional application. I owe this greatly to the hard work of Write Track Admissions." Meliza M. (UC Berkeley Transfer, '11)
"I approached Write Track Admissions not knowing what to expect, but Write Track Admissions did exactly what it stands for, which is to put me on the right track to help me achieve my goal of getting admitted to every university that I had applied to. The customer service that Write Track Admissions provided me with was exceptional and I was frequently being update with the status of my application through their services. Anyone who uses Write Track Admissions for any service they provide should be comfortable in putting trust in the hands of professionals and in turn their services will give you in the most competitive edge among your peers. Their personalized attention not only helped me get admitted to UCLA, Northwestern, and Georgetown, but allowed me earn a significant scholarship!." Arin G. (Georgetown Transfer, '11)
"Honestly I went to different places to get help with my college applications and I did not get help or someone who cared as much as my Admissions Expert. He helped me with a very hard situation. He personally took a interest in my application and did everything he could. Thanks to him I got accepted to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCI. Thank you so much!!" Shereen A. (UCLA, '16) [Winner of WTA Empowerment Scholarship]
"I would like to sincerely thank you for the work and effort you put into this process, you really gave me structure and focused assistance, especially as an international student, on how to approach the whole ordeal. Thanks to you, I'm going to be attending George Washington Univ. this Fall!" Tarek S. (GWU, '16)
"I heard back from UCI, UCSB, UCSD, AND UCLA!!! I got into all of them...thanks to your help!! THANKS SOOO MUCH! I will recommend Write Track Admissions Forever!" Rachel D. (UCLA Transfer, '11)
"Write Track Admissions really helped me improve my essay. It was great to have a resource to turn to when there's so little help available elsewhere. I was having a lot of trouble with making it shorter and more concise, and they helped me choose what to leave in and what to cut out. Write Track Admissions gave me good, informed advice on what to change in my essay, and I believe it greatly improved my application. They were also very encouraging, and in the end I was able to turn in a solid essay I was proud of because of Write Track Admissions." Mariam S. (UCSC, '11)